Living Faith First-4


Pursue God & Body Wholeness with all your Mind, Body, & Soul!

Hello there, Darling!

You feel like you are going 100 mph …..but in which direction? You feel pulled here then there and often wonder what are you even doing this for?

At times, you feel unfulfilled, stuck, confused, and even start to think, “How did I get here?” You can’t help but wonder, “There has to be more than this, right?”

You know you have a great life but how do you make the best out of the chaos, the heavy weight of pressures you feel, and how do you maintain your awesome-factor (aka, the best version of you!) all at the same time?

There’s a part of you that feels lost.

You don’t laugh like you used to or feel free like you once were. Everything feels so off key. Instead of knowing what “thing” to focus on or what “thing” needs fixed, you grip onto control even tighter in every area of your life…only to find…

There’s still something missing and everything is still chaotic.

Maybe you wish you had it easier and often find yourself thinking, “If I had this ONE thing, everything would be better.”

Beautiful, you are exactly where you need to be and already have everything you need!

You just have to dig deeper into having resilient faith that can move mountains.


Those words sound great but what does “moving mountains” really mean?

Well, I’ve been in the valley only to see those mountains move. A few times actually. Oh, you know, nothing like having major life stressors hit all at once! Whoa, talk about trying to balance it all.

I literally felt stuck.

Along with feeling stuck came the confusion, worry, fear, and even guilt. I remember the day I realized I had even lost my identity in the midst of these changes. Don’t get me wrong, I had faith and trusted God with HIS plan, I was still grateful and trying to make the best out of these changes, BUT I was holding onto the control.

Moving mountains means letting go and letting God. But not in just the form of prayer and hope for the mountain to move an inch right before your eyes! It means really getting to the core of being balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally with a rock solid foundation in Him.

Your mind, body, and soul are all integrated and have to be balanced…..otherwise, you will always be in the same place.

And, I know you’re looking for a way out, for freedom, for hope, happiness, and just to be yourself again.

I learned what it means to live faith first. I learned how to maximize the present, have an attitude of gratitude with even the hard things I was facing, and how to fully trust that God was preparing me for something bigger….He was just waiting on me! He was there the whole time but until I took action and trusted the great promises outlined in His Word, I would still be drowning. He taught me how to be balanced in Him with my mind, body, & soul and doors opened in my life! What I thought was “impossible” was oh, so very possible!

You can live again. You can be free and can have the confidence you once had. Your hardships and limitations today that are crippling you can change when you learn how to live faith first. You just need the tools!

Similar to baking a cake, if you happen to miss an essential ingredient, your cake likely won’t taste very good! For us (especially overworked, emotional, & driven women!), it is the same concept and every layer must be addressed.


  • MIND

    Define it!  On this step, we get crystal clear on your current limitations.  We work together to reframe life’s hardships as actual stepping stones to resilient faith and create an action plan for a positive mindset.  Then we clear away the time-stealers, so you can use your time wisely doing what you are called to do.

  • BODY

    Take Action! Next, we establish nutrition principles and a strategic sleep routine as guideposts for your overall stress management plan. Together, we create a new health and wellness foundation that suits you best.

  • SOUL

    Discover! Understand your identity in Christ and how it uniquely affects your talents and skills to accomplish His will for your life for such a time as this.

Faith-based personal coaching on how to find your faith & your calling in life, build a solid foundation in health & wellness, & create the life you're supposed to lead!

Learn how to dig deep to find clarity, deepen your beliefs, & embrace trials in your life

Weakness, hardships, trials, & setbacks can actually be a good thing in your life….in fact, we get our greatest strength from these moments and we learn to depend on God.

Apply Now!

Well, that’s where I come in!  Everyone needs a coach!

Even when we find ourselves in the midst of “life & chaoschanging your perspective changes the outcome completely.

Sometimes it’s so hard right in the middle of our situations to figure "it" out, think clearly, know which direction to go....

Without someone there to coach you and keep you in pursuit of reaching your goals & growing (hello, beautiful life!), it’s easy to stay stagnate (aka, way too comfortable!), lose the drive to move forward in your own life, ambitions, and dreams (I mean, God-sized dreams!).

  • What are the benefits of working with me?

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Gain clarity and awareness with all facets of life (from health to mental health)
  • Deepen your personal faith and build a stronger foundation centered around God
  • Become confident in achieving your goals and dreams
  • Understand your true calling in life and how to seek after it
  • Undergo a huge transformation with your mind, body, and soul
  • What is your destiny--get equipped with your own personal GPS & road map
  • Conquer stress, fear, frustrations and change your views when "life" happens
  • Gain your JOY back and get rid of loneliness, depression, anger, guilt, & sorrow
  • Learn what it means to BE LOVE, BE WELL, & BE FREE

You are NOT alone

What's it like to work with me?

Think inspiration, dedication, motivation, commitment

I place high emphasis on teaching and coaching YOU every step of the way.

Life is TOUGH, but it's what we make out of these moments that counts

You just want to be happy

You're tired of life getting you down & getting in the way

You are tired of feeling STUCK

You're confused what to do & where to go

You totally feel lost & have no idea where to begin

You feel every area of your life is off track

You can't even figure out what your body needs

Your health is suffering

You're exhausted and stressed to the max

You can't really even think clearly

Yes! I'm ready, Kel


What others are saying about working with Kel:

“Kelli’s Happy Belly Program is everything I look for in a program. It is easy to understand with a simple step by step guide. She has unique, interesting facts that help you actually understand why your body does what it does and wants what it wants. Nothing is made to make you feel bad but instead just teach you the whys so you can get a handle on the right way to feed your body. The program was great! You will get an immediate download and it’s yours to keep forever! “

Michelle S.

“Kelli is a superstar of her craft! I am so thankful to be able to work with her and have her share her expertise. She knows the ins and outs of proper nutrition and guidance for not only a healthy digestion, but most importantly, a healthy life. Kelli is caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Working with her has changed my life, and I’m recommending her programs to everyone.”

Jessica D.

“This program offers really valuable information, it’s clear, and it’s a great starting point for someone looking to implement some solid changes in the way they eat and think about food. Even though I had been incorporating some of the suggestions in this program on my own, using this resource allowed me to make additional commitments to improving my health.”

Rebecca N.

Module #1 Clarity & Identify

Identify your needs, limitations, setbacks, & current hardships.  Learn how to take steps to build your faith back, gain a new perspective, and set faith-based goals (life, health, spiritual, and financial).

Module #2 Re-create Your Groundwork

In this module, you will learn how to build a solid foundation on health & wellness that is personally tailored to fit YOU & YOUR life style.  Build skills to help you with managing your emotions, mindset, building your future, making wise choices, and implement healthy behaviors.

Module #3 Proper Nutrition Principles & Overall Health

In this Foundations course, learn proper nutrition principles and the importance of how healthy food choices play a huge roll on your emotional, mental, & overall physical well-being.  Discover all about your digestion (aka the source of optimal health!), and mindful eating.

Module #4 How to get your joy back

In this course you will learn how to get your joy back and realign your thinking so it's centered on goodness, peace, & joy.  Comparison is the thief of joy.....learn how to navigate through false images, perspectives, and impressions and use your talents for God's work.  Learn how to have child-like faith again!

Module #5 How to Manage & Reduce Stress

Learn the connection stress plays on your health & mind.  Create pathways to help you get through the tough times and control stress before it controls you!

Module #6 Your calling IGNITED

Discover YOUR purpose, passions, talents, and how to use them to the fullest to glorify God.  Dig deep to find what your earthly mission is!

Module #7 Determine your path

What is your destiny?  Learn which steps you need to map out to get you on track, headed in the right direction.  Understand how to set your sights on things eternal.

Module #8 Foundational Faith

Develop your character based on Biblical principles and learn techniques to build your faith to stay strong through this journey called LIFE.

Module #9 Time Management

Learn how to manage your time, how to say "NO" to people, events, & things, and learn how to find time to rest and ways to get adequate sleep.  Understand how to work smarter and not harder so you can enjoy this beautiful life!

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down what you'll receive

  • Video's so you can listen to anywhere & anytime, push replay, & fully connect with each lesson
  • Worksheets to help you dig deep within yourself, challenge your thinking, & create space
  • Weekly activities (aka homework!) to help you accomplish your goals, grow, and build your relationships
  • 9 Separate Modules based on methodologies to totally transform YOU
  • Live calls with ME! 60-minute chats and unlimited email access
  • Private Facebook Group full of inspiration, joy, support, & hope; encouragement with a like-minded tribe

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