Living Faith First 2:2

Online Course

Hello there, Beautiful!

Do you feel like you're "stuck in a rut" with no idea what step to take first?  Feeling like you're lost, frustrated, confused, and maybe even a bit discouraged when you view your current reality as, "Is this also my future".....

I know what you're going through!

And, that's why I created this "mini-course" that will take you LESS than ONE WEEK to totally re-create where you're headed!

I was going through a really trying time in my life and these were the exact steps I took that completely changed my life.  Without re-working your faith (*key foundation), it's very possible your life won't change and you'll constantly feel the same pain you're going through today.

When I got REAL with my situation and focused on God's promises and NOT my problems, THINGS CHANGED.



This program is centered around Habakkuk 2 where you’re going to learn all about the following:

Perspective (hardships/challenges), Outcomes (what do you want/what’s missing), Understanding/Perspective (viewpoint/Pursue God), Mindset (faith/identity), Body (nourish/wellness), Soul (Gratitude/Inner Peace), and lastly, how to Build-Apply-Live which equals Freedom.

The program consists of 7 sections with videos and worksheets delivered through an online portal. 

Are you ready to change your mindset and perspective, set some BIG AUDACIOUS goals, LIVE AGAIN, pursue God & body wholeness all in less than 7 days?

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